Brooklyn. Blue. Sky.

Written By Dui Jarrod

'Brooklyn. Blue. Sky.' is an 8-episode  web series about two distant exes, Skylar and Blue, who reluctantly decide to come together to create a script for a 'Netflix and Chill' TV Pilot competition. Before they submit, they have to untie the binds that held them captive to their youthful love.  

Shade is indeed in the forecast.

Writer Credits:
Ep 102 - “FTB”
Ep 103 - “You Buying?”
Ep 104 - “Hawthorne”
Ep 105 - “Writer’s Room”
Ep 107 - “Giselle The Gazelle”
Ep 108 - “12 O’clock”

Co-Writer Credits:
Ep 101 - “Didn’t I Block You”
Ep 106 - “Black Card Revoked”