The Inevitable Sadness of All Thangs Gud







King, a hard-living hood dude, begins to face the realities of his mortality after the violent death of his best friend. Upon seeking his own redemption, King gets a vision from “The One on Top” (God) to start a church to save the neighborhood from itself. As he prepares for the opening of the church, his pain-ridden family, his past, and Hurricane Katrina swirl-threatening the only purpose he’s ever known.


Ashe Theatre; New Orleans, LA - Staged Reading 2017
The National Black Theatre; Harlem, NY - Staged Reading 2016
New Voices In Black Theatre; Brooklyn, NY - Staged Reading 2015




Written by:

Dui Jarrod


This wedding day is PERFECT - except for the groom, Yves, who is dealing with the heartbreaking dilemma of living happily ever after or leaving his bride-to-be stranded at the alter. He, with his groomsmen, take a gut-wrenching journey through his past rage and present fears, seconds before saying, “I do.” All in an effort to survive his greatest weakness (downfall?)…HER.

In some ways, “Unholy War” is a perfect marriage between films like David Lynch’s 1986 masterwork “Blue Velvet” and a ’50s melodrama. Additionally, the cast delivered the goods. Performance from lead actor Cario George, Anthony E. Williams and Ernestine Johnson gave audiences an indulgent and memorable theater-going experience.
Ricky Riley

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Definitive Loser’s Guide


Written by:

Dui Jarrod

"The Definitive Loser’s Guide To Winning" is the hilarious, sometimes tragic, new play from writer Dui Jarrod. The one man show tells the story of how to win in the film industry, as we meet some of life’s losers Dui’s met along the way from his Arkansas roots to New York City. Directed by Pharah Jean-Philippe, in collaboration with Jarrod, "The Definitive Loser’s Guide To Winning" carries you through first-hand accounts of stories that have carried this emerging writer from pain and doubt, to self-discovery and fulfilling his life’s purpose. 

Let Live Theater; Los Angeles, CA - 2016

Etcetera Theater; London, UK - 2016

13th Street Reportory Theater; New York, NY - 2016

Kumble Theater; Brooklyn, NY - 2015

Ron Robinson Theatre; Little Rock, AR - 2015

Jarrod’s characters exist not just to teach him but in a way to reflect him. Jarrod sees a connection between them all which has to be linked in part to his strong sense of faith and belief in God, which he hits hard at the end.
The M Reporter

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